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CreatorShield helps popular influencers protect & monetize ripped re-uploads of their videos on YouTube and beyond

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> 1,500Creators Protected
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World-Class Digital Rights Management, Now Available for Creators!

New Revenue Stream

Unlock a completely new and original revenue stream and collect passive monthly income.

Bigger Pay Checks

Add a new layer of cash on top of your monthly ad-revenue and brand sponsor payments.

Completely Free

We're able to recover money you're losing out on by content thefts re-uploading and collecting payment for. Our goal is to re-claim that. If we do, we get a minor revenue-share percentage of the funds

Copyright Protection

Professional copyright protection. Your reputation online is important, and we'll let absolutely nothing get in the way of that.

Dashboard & Statistics

Get access to a professional next-gen dashboard console built to make payments and reporting a breeze.

Monthly Payments

Collect a monthly pay check for all of the work we will do on your behalf. We will scour the web for re-posts of your content, roll ads on them, and pay you for it every month!

Unmatched Support

We don't operate on boring old ticketing software. We'll support you in real-time via Google Hangouts, Phone, or Email

Referral Program

Earn a percentage of CreatorShield's revenue by referring friends to us who could also earn thousands per month in lost revenue.

Enjoy Epic Dashboard Access

Our dashboard makes reporting a breeze. Track your stats for the month ahead,
and monitor your revenue that'll be paid out at the end of the month


Introducing CS EzPay

Track and spend your re-claimed revenue, earn bonus incentives.
Now available to curated CreatorShield clients!


Content ID + CreatorShield's Tech & Team = Rocket Fuel

We're able to capture and monetize all re-uploads of your videos, not just those over 30-seconds.

Our Simple Process

Simple, tried, and true... How everything works

#1: Rights Clearance

Give us legal permission to perform our services by signing our copyright clearance form.

Review the Paperwork

#2: We'll do our thing

Every 24-hours, we will review your social media pages by hand and apply our magic to all of the content that is most vulnerable to being stolen.

Let's get started!

#3: Results + Monetization

Every 12-hours, our proprietary software will automatically generate a list of videos that contain your content on other channels. We can then claim and roll ads on on this content via Content ID.

Begin Earning

#4: Monthly Loot for You

We'll automatically pay you every 30-days for all of the ad-revenue we recoup for you, which would otherwise be paid to pesky content thefts. It's that simple. 💰

Account Activation

World-Class Enterprise Partners

CreatorShield serves some of the best Enterprise Partners in the World

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